Cebu City, Philippines – A controversy is now spreading through a facebook post of a father named Ryan Noval that caught the awareness of many people, especially netizens. The photo uploaded in the social networking site is about a photo of his newborn whose mouth was sealed with tape inside a nursery room of the private hospital. The said incident was noticed by his wife on Friday during a visit and on the facebook page of Noval he posted that his son cannot speak about the incident so they will have the speak.

When the nurse was asked why such thing happened, she said that she has to tape the baby’s mouth due to the fact that the baby was crying and that created a lot of noise in the room. The crying was non-stop according to the nurse. Another issue was when the mother asked the nurse to remove the tape from her baby’s mouth, the nurse said “go ahead and take it yourself.”

Noisy Baby’s Mouth was Covered with a Tape by a Nurse in Cebu

Because of what happened, a complaint was instantly filed by the couple and they are still waiting for the result of the investigation on the said incident. The news has already spread not just online but also in televisions that made it sensational. This issue is widely discussed nowadays in social networking sites wherein netizens have shown their concern for the baby.

The baby was a seven-day old boy and the picture became viral instantly. What is your stand with regards to this topic? Do you think it is proper for the nurse to do such thing just because she wanted to maintain silence inside the nursery room? Well, you are free to leave your comment below and we will surely have a good discussion over the topic. Speak your mind through the comment box.

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