What’s good about Nadine Lustre and Kathryn Bernardo is that their face resembles each other. In fact, in Filipino slang, they are referred to as “pinagbiyak na bunga.” When given this kind of opportunity, the two will tend to pair up in a movie as twins and the result can be exciting. Looking at the profiles of the two. Nadine is the  “rising teen star” while Kathryn is the “teen queen.” With the distinction of the two, we can conclude that they are walking in the same path. The thing is Kathryn was at Nadine’s shoes before.

 There are so many people excited for the materialization of this project. If you can still remember “Diary ng Panget,” it was Nadine who co-starred with James Reid that became a box office movie. It would be awesome to see them in one film together playing as twins or sisters with their love team partners. The genre that suits them is romantic-comedy.

Nadine Lustre and Kathryn Bernardo in a Movie Together?

Well, it could be awesome but let us know first if the KathNiel fans would agree to this project proposal or if JaDine fans would do the same. Nadine said during an interview last March that it is flattering for her being compared to Kathryn Bernardo. For her, being compared to a beautiful, gorgeous, pretty and famous girl is an honor. She also stressed the fact that she is not affected with being compared to Kathryn because there are distinctions between them though they have similarities in terms of looks.

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