Star Cinema and Viva Films joined hand in hand for this project featuring Sarah Geronimo and Coco Martin in a movie entitled "Maybe This Time". We have known for a fact that the two were together on their first show being together entitled “1DOL” on ABS-CBN but sadly, it did not make it to the public.

Though their team-up in 2012 did not succeed, they are given a chance to do a movie together because who knows, it might hit this time. There is always a second chance for the two. Coco Martin’s last movie was with Julia Montes in “A Moment in Time” while Sarah’s last movie was with John Lloyd Cruz in “It Takes a Man and a Woman.”

Maybe This Time Movie Featuring Sarah Geronimo and Coco Martin

The fans of the two are looking forward for their team-up and this is something different right now as two of the biggest companies named “Star Cinema” and “Viva Films” are involved.

"Maybe This Time" Movie Plot

This movie is about a rekindling of feelings in the past by two old friends named Tonio and Steph. The two were separated by a distance and finally they will meet together.

In the teaser, Steph is seen introduced to Antonio Bugayong. Antonio is not comfortable with Steph calling him Tonio as he sees it unfit for him. The lady insists leading to a scene where Tonio emerges from a makeover. Looking at the trailer, there was a funny scene about Steph approaching Tonio as if she was about to kiss him and Tonio said “Am I this handsome that you will kiss me?” an interruption was done by Steph saying he needs to undergo facial treatment.

The two met again and worked in a company where they found out a lot of things about each others’ status. The thing is, Tonio left Steph without saying goodbye in the past and that left everything hanging. Steph, being heartbroken, tried to do something to achieve her dreams and become successful in life until they met again.

"Maybe This Time" Movie Release

This romantic comedy film is directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng. Starring in the movie is also Ruffa Gutierrez. The expected date of release in Cinemas Nationwide is on May 28, 2014. If you would like to know more about the movie, you can watch the trailer on youtube and also the music video of the popular hit “Maybe This Time” by Michael Murphy revived by Sarah Geronimo.

Other casts of the film are Buboy Garovillo,  Sharmaine Buencamino, Tony Mabesa, Ogie Diaz, Marlann Flores, Zeppi Borromeo, Alex Castro, Minnie Aguilar, Kathleen Hermosa, Garlic Garcia, Cecil Paz, and Devon Seron.

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