Manila, Philippines -  “Bad father,” this was the brand given by Maegan Aguilar to her father Freddie. We can still remember during the time when the folk singer was facing a controversy over his minor girlfriend wherein Maegan defended him but this time, things are not the same as a problem occurred between the father and daughter.

According to a report by Philippine Daily Inquirer, Maegan and her father threw her and her children out into the streets, this was Maegan’s statement. The interview was done by Dolly Ann Carvajal, entertainment columnist.

There were so many strong statements that Maegan threw against his father. According to her Freddie was an irresponsible father and a bad man who is not concerned about her career because he wanted her to beg mercy from him always. Maegan admitted that she defended her father so much especially when the issue about his relationship with a minor became hot and criticism was there.

Maegan Was Thrown Out By His Father Freddie Aguilar

According to Maegan, the issue was regarding a “rotten vegetable.” And this was the reason why Freddie threw her and her children out into the street. Maegan also said that one of the things that made him mad was her P1,500 debt. The money was used for milk and diapers of Mahi. She also added that she only had P4,000 salary in Ka Freddie's on Tomas Morato in Quezon City and she thought she was underpaid.

What makes Maegan feel bad is that according to her, Freddie sends P9,000 to the family of his young wife every week either they need the money or not. Right now Maegan is staying with her bandmate together with her family.

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