Manila, Philippines- Lance Raymundo, former actor was happy to show his face “fully recovered” after he suffered from a fatal incident when he got crushed by an 80-pound barbell while doing exercise at a gym two months ago.

Last Sunday, a photo of Raymundo posted on Instagram was taken by a lensman named Von Buenconsejo after he underwent reconstructive surgery last March. The photo hit the public after it was shared in Instagram on Tuesday. It was published on showbiz journalist Ricky Lo’s column on The Philippine Star right after.

His mother, Nina stated the media that the incident that happened on March 20 devastated the actor’s angelic face specially the nose bridge and the middle face. He suffered multiple facial bone fractures and purple discoloration of the face.

Lance Raymundo’s Face Fully Recovered After Got Smashed by a Barbel

Lance Raymundo's first surgery was materialized last March 25.  In his statement sent to ABS-CBN News, he expressed how fatal his fractures were. The initial operation had to do with the reconstruction of the broken facial bones, including the socket of his left eye which was completely shattered. The operation repaired his right cheek, nose and the entire area of his face which suffered less damage but too important to be ignored.  

The second surgery however was made for the purpose of restoring his crushed nasal cartilage, which was replaced with a cartilage harvested from his ear. This is how plastic surgery contributed in his total facial makeover. Nonetheless, he never mentioned of not going to the gym anymore.

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