Michael Jackson the king of Pop. Speaking of his name, we can project an artist who is not just good in dancing, but also in singing and writing songs. If we are about to look at his personality, we will surely see a perfect and total performer that will blow your head away with his hit songs and hit dance moves. Who could forget Thriller, Black and White, and also the Christmas hits when he was still a member of the Jackson 5? And who do not know about the “moonwalk” dance step? Michael was the pioneer of these.

According to several reports, Michael’s hologram image was projected performing "Slave to the Rhythm" from his newest album "Xscape." And according to those who have watched and have seen the hologram presentation, there was goosebumps all over and they also became emotional over their fans who created a lot of hits for the world to hear and created a lot of dance steps for the world to watch.

The King of Pop Michael Jackson Brought Back to Life through a Hologram

During the Billboard Music Award that took place in Las Vegas on May 18, the King of Pop was brought back to life again and this time with a hologram. 

Aside from the hologram effect of the late King of Pop, there were also fire blasts and lightning effects that added excitement and beauty to the presentation. Michaels still lives in the heart of those people who supported him since he was still a child up to his last performance.

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