An immigration staff slaps Chinese woman at NAIA Terminal 3. The said Chinese national was allegedly working in the country illegally as a teacher. The said slapping of the woman was taken by a cellphone video that became sensational lately in the television and over the net.

On the video, the woman was screaming as she was dragged by the immigration staff. The woman then fought back and slapped the staff with her bag. After this, the officer slapped the woman on the face and pulled her back to the room while she was screaming and asking for help. On the video, the guard who was carrying the baggage of the Chinese national was silent. The screaming inside the room can be heard outside.

Immigration Staff Slaps Chinese Woman at NAIA

The woman was identified as Jiang Huixiang and was deported on Tuesday evening. The woman arrived in the country from Beijing via Cebu Pacific and she was allegedly teaching illegally in a certain Chinese exclusive school in the country and this is the reason why she was stopped by the Immigration.

According to Maan Pedro, Bureau of Immigration Spokesperson, they tried to let the woman stay in one side to be interviewed. The moment that she learned that she will be denied of entry in the country that was the time when she tried to fight and become aggressive towards the officers.

The BI tried to deport her that very evening but it did not materialized due to the fact that she was raging. She remained in the exclusion room while the rage was there. Meanwhile, the BI officer was suspended and the woman was deported back to her country.

The video of the fight between the Chinese national and the immigration officer immediately spread all throughout the net and featured on different local and foreign news on television.

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