A 79 years old grandma kicked butt of the youngsters in the famous entertaining TV show “Britain Got Talent. Paddy Jones entered the stage with a partner a lot taller and younger than her. She was dazzling in her attire which made her look younger 10 times than her normal age.

When Simon Cowellasked “Do you think you could win?” she confidently answered “As long as we enjoy what we are doing and giving people pleasure, that’s the main thing”. While performing, Simon buzzed prematurely thinking it was one boring number but she is unstoppable. Suddenly her dance steps changed and became unique, complicated and extraordinary. Being thrown in the air and slid on the floor made the spectators stood and hats off they saluted her as well as the judges including Simon.

Grandma Earned Standing Ovation After Splendid Performance in Britain Got Talent

Doing such stunts was very dangerous especially at her age. During the rehearsal, she injured herself and was ordered to rest. But she was a one strong old woman indeed. Her effort paid off. She went home with flying colors getting ready for the semi-finals.

Youngsters were astonished not only by her performance but also by her passion and dedication knowing that she once abandoned dancing for the sake of her family. But she couldn't give up on it easily. In fact, she came back well prepared and well established though her bones are already cracking.

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