Treating yourself in a vacation can refresh you from your stress at work. Also, many people regard this as their family bonding time. But sometimes, travelling for a vacation can be an unexciting when you don’t prepare for it well.

Here are five easy tips on how to enjoy and prepare for your vacation:

1. Book your reservations and flight ahead of time - Preparation is already winning half the war. Having your reservations in advance can have many advantages than you can imagine. You can avail discounts especially when you acquire plane tickets 2-3 months from your travel. You can also minimize the fuss in finding a hotel room or vacation rentals especially during peak seasons.

Five Easy Tips on How to Enjoy your Travel Vacation

2. Don’t Overplan your vacation! - Travelling to places you’ve never been may require a little bit of planning, but sometimes, you need to think outside the box. Roam around and don’t be afraid to be lost! Enjoy the scenery without minding where your feet would take you. This sometimes brings you more memorable experience than having an itinerary of where you would want to go. Travel at your own pace at your own time,but always have a backup plan.

3. Taste the local’s specialties - Every place has its own local food and don’t miss the chance to try it. It wouldn’t hurt if you try at least one of their specialties. Signature dishes of each place will make you remember that aside from their place beautiful scenery, you have also tried their exotic food.

4. Respect the Locals and they will respect you in return - Don’t treat the locals as inferior to you. Always be polite in asking directions and they will gladly show you the way. Keep in mind that you are in their country/place, respect their culture and traditions, especially if you are planning to travel to religious countries like Saudi Arabia, Israel, Thailand and others.

5. Always wear that beautiful smile - Nothing beats a good mood when interacting with people. It can make your stay easy and comfortable if you show your landlady or host a smile. Good attitude in dealing with other people, especially locals, can earn you a better reputation to them that will result in better stay. Interacting with the locals sometimes is the most memorable experience that you can get aside from the sceneries that you will see.

Having fun on your vacation has no exact formula. This depends on your own way of how you will enjoy your travel. Some prefer travelling alone to have managed their own leisure time, some wanted to travel with a companion to share with their experience.

Many people sometimes take account the expense that they will incur to have a pleasant vacation, but always keep in mind that not all expensive vacations will result in a great vacation. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that will make us happy. Great experience doesn't have monetary value.

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