A Filipino man was in crucial condition when brought to the hospital after he was found in the middle of the Arabian dessert. The Filipino OFW was believed to be raped and beaten to death by Saudi police officers not more than two weeks ago.

His naked body was found on May 16 after he sustained violent attacks. He had suffered serious head injuries and multiple fractures. Presently, he is being treated and monitored in an intensive care facility in the capital city of Riyadh reported by ABS-CBN Filipino broadcaster. Doctors are suspecting the possibility of internal bleeding therefore he will be kept closely monitored.

Filipino OFW Raped by Gang of Arabian Police Officers Found in the Arabian Dessert

Mario as what they call him is a worker in a mall. He just came back from vacation in Philippines and was planning to renew his contract.

A friend of Mario told the reporters that he was the first to recognize him through someone’s Facebook post. He added that they came from the same town in the Philippines.

Another friend claimed that he saw Mario in the Batha region last May 12. Some friends said that he had been arrested in Batha before the incident took place.  They brought him to Malaz where he got raped and abused.

Hardly able to speak and move a muscle, Mario managed to write the attackers identification that could help the authorities solve the case. His writings went like this “Saudi” then followed by “officer” then “police”.  He narrated that there were four of them. 

The Philippines embassy never neglected the incident and visited him. His employer was contacted as well for further investigation.

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