Personal Life of Lance Raymundo

Being the son of the famous beauty queen and actress Nina Zaldua, Lance Raymundo entered the showbiz by showing his acting skills. Lance is a singer and actor and has appeared on several movies with different roles.

Lance is a person who is very particular with his built that is why he spends time in the gym working out in order to stay healthy and physically fit.

Career of Lance Raymundo

The career of Lance Raymundo can be traced with movies like Fidel (2009), Ang Narseri (2009) and Telebisyon (2008). Fidel was about a Filipino worker on a death row due to the fact that he killed his employer. Lance played the lead role “Fidel” in the movie. In the movie Narseri, he played the role of Dean. He also worked with several well-known stars in the movie Telebisyon in 2008.

Featured Celebrity: Lance Raymundo

Aside from having roles in movies, he also was the lead character of the Incredible Tales (Season 5) which is a Singapore Horror TV series and for the record, some part of the series was shot in the Philippines.

Latest Issues about Lance Raymundo

An incident took place last March 20 in a gym where he was working out. An 80-pound barbell fell in his face while working out that required him to undergo medication and operation. The operation was scheduled March 25 with the purpose of restoring the parts of his face that were broken.

Lance and his family will not sue the gym after the incident happened and social media was flooded with prayers and hopes and wishes for Lance’s quick recovery. A reconstructive surgery was needed in order to bring back to the original condition the face of this talented actor.

There were pictures taken while Lance was in the hospital and that gave a point of comparison with his face before the incident took place and after. After the surgery, there was this picture posted with her mother posing while wearing shades. He promised though that during the interview on a certain talk show, he is going to remove his shades.

What happened to him was a “freaky accident” they call it. Prayers for the quick recovery of Lance.

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