The death hoax of Claudine Barretto which circulated in the Facebook on Tuesday, has made great impact to the public. The hoax appeared real showing Claudine’s picture and the ABS-CBN logo beside it. Phishing as they call it pertains to emails that pretend to be from legitimate company.  It was written there RIP Claudine Barretto, 1979-2014. The cause of death: drug overdose.

ABS-CBN reported today an interview with the lawyer of the actress Atty. Ferdinand Topacio. He mentioned in an interview over a radio station, DZMM that still there were Claudine supporters who loved her and were saddened by the fake news. One of this was an avid fan known by the name of Ate Virgie who suffered heart attack.  He didn’t mention anything more about this fan.

Fan Suffered Heart Attack After Hearing Claudine’s Death Hoax

He quoted that this hoax was a cruel joke and malicious scam. He could even be deceived if he wasn’t aware of the scam because someone sent him the news with link. He begged to whosoever was angry with Claudine to stop doing such evil thing.  It created serious tension among fans. It tarnished thereputation of the actress especially she was having controversies involving her sister and her husband, Raymart Santiago who accused her last year of using crack where she came out negative.

Atty. Topacio stressed in the interview that they sought help from the Philippine National Police Criminal Investigation Group cybercrime Unit or PNP-CIDG. It would trace the root source of the fake news and would want them pay for the damage or persecute to the full extent of the law.

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