Angelina Jolie is the star this time as she portrays Maleficent,” a character on the animated film on 1959 “The Sleeping Beauty” who is the reason for Sleeping Beauty’s slumber for a long time. This time the said villain is the main character and this is so interesting to watch.

Directed by Robert Stromberg and produced by Joe Roth, Maleficent is the most awaited fantasy animation from the brilliant Disney. You will surely enjoy watching as James Newton Howard takes on the music and Dean Semler on the cinematography. This 97-minute animation is released on May 28, 2014 on UK and May 30, 2014 on USA.

Disney Maleficent Movie Review by Centertechnews

Maleficent Movie Plot

Normally, a villain icon is not featured on a movie, but not this time. The rule was broken when Angelina Jolie takes on the limelight revealing the other identities of Maleficent. In every evil nature of a villain, there’s a story behind and this will be unveiled and with this movie, we will be able to understand why Maleficent placed a curse upon Aurora which will be portrayed by Elle Fanning. According to the story, it was Aurora who holds the key to peace in the land that is why Maleficent makes an action. The rest is for you to discover.

Maleficent Movie Production and Filming

Maleficent has an estimated budget of $130–200 million and began filming on June 18, 2012. The length of time spent by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures is enough to bring into the consciousness the importance of this character, though she is villain. The filming of Maleficent is reportedly took place in Buckinghamshire countryside.

The soundtracks for the said film are Maleficent Suite, Welcome to the Moors, Maleficent Flies, Battle of the Moors, Three Peasant Women, and many more. Join TV5 Promo about Disney Maleficent Movie 2014 here.

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