Big Brother allows celebrities to enter PBB house in order to inspire and entertain them. This time, after Sandara Park’s visitation comes another celebrity named Daniel Matsunaga. He is a Brazilian-Japanese model who has experienced a lot working in different countries and who is currently in the Philippines. He entered the house that answers all the doubts and speculations of people with regards to the new visitor of the most famous house in the country.

Brazilian-Japanese Daniel Matsunaga according to his statement is expected to show the real he. There are so many fans out there who are so excited over Daniel’s entry who is dubbed as “Hunk of the World ng Makati.” Daniel really is a hunk and that is depicted through his physical built. What could be the best thing that he could offer inside? Well, we will see what will happen inside.

Daniel Matsunaga Entered PBB House

Daniel was introduced through a teaser video that was created for him just like what the housemates had when they were introduced first before going inside. Daniel entered after the eviction of Chevin and force-eviction of Cess. Chevin was evicted due to the fact that he has the lowest number of votes from the lifesaving audience as compared to Maris and Loisa. The two, Maris and Loisa were saved by their number of casted votes. While on the other hand, Cess was evicted by Big Brother due to a number of violations. It only shows that things are getting tougher inside the Big Brother house.

Going back to Daniel, life has not been too easy for him and he grew up to be a matured person because of his experiences from the past that strengthened him.  We will see more of Daniel in PBB updates that is why we should stay tuned to PBB All In @ ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.

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