Manila, Philippines Deniece’s condition is very different now. Because of an arrest warrant that was issued against her allowing the authority to arrest her anytime, she ended up in jail and now sleeping in a piece of plywood – very different from her comfort zone inside her condo unit. She is currently inside a minute and crowded jail of the Anti-Transnational Crime Unit. She stayed here overnight.

Chief Inspector Elizabeth Jasmin, spokesperson of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) said that Deniece did not sleep well because she was new to the surroundings and she was trying to adjust. Deniece stayed for so long in a condo unit of comfort unlike her present situation. There were 15 female inmates all in all including her and it measures 21 square meters with one old stand fan.

Deniece Cornejo Sleeps in a Piece of Plywood

There was difficulty in sleeping for Deniece that is why at around 12 midnight she was still awake and trying to sleep, this is according to Jasmin. Deniece then tried to lay down near the steel door of the detention facility. Her stress and fatigue made her body drop that caused her to wave to sleep. The next day, Deniece needed to appear at the Taguig Court with her co-accused and it was concluded that her sleep was merely a nap. She took a bath at a small comfort room and there it was not clear whether she took her breakfast or not. Jasmin said that this is a proof that there is no special treatment for her.

Deniece Cornejo, as what we know, charged Vhong Navarro with a rape case but was dismissed. She tried to book a flight via Cebu Pacific but information leaked that caused it to be cancelled. The proceedings continues for the case while Cornejo and Lee are detained in separate jails. Be updated on this case in our future post here.

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