Manila, PhilippinesAlvin Cudia was founded not guilty of lying by the Commission on Human Rights and because of this it recommends the issuance of his diploma and consider him as one of the graduates of the recent batch of PMA to President Benigno Aquino.

“The PMA leadership, by failing to exercise command responsibility, rendered itself complicit in this mockery of justice.” This was the statement of CHR Chair Loretta Ann Rosales during the press conference on Wednesday who is not convinced of PMA’s decision of not issuing Cudia’s diploma. The issue here is Cudia’s alleged lying and being unable to arrive at the right time in one of his classes. He was late for two minutes and he needed to explain why.

Alvin Cudia was founded not guilty of lying

Cudia defended his side saying that the reason why he was late for 2 minutes is because his instructor dismissed them late that became the reason for his being late. He added that his instructor, Monique Costales told him to wait for the section grade. AFP Chief of Emmanuel Bautista gave an order to PMA to open again the investigation for the case and this happened when the institution asked for the removal of his name from the cadet corps roll to the AFP.

The family of Cudia appealed and gathered supporters for the cadet’s issue. On the other hand, administrative cases filing is recommended by CHS for several offenses on the following: Salvaciona and Cuadra, Jennifer Cuarteron, Mike Anthony Mogol, Arwi MartinezNiko Angelo Tarayao, Kim Adrian Martal, Jairus Fantin, Bryan Sonny Arlegui, Renato Carino, Bianchiheimer Edra, Jeanelyn Cabrido, Leoncio Nico de Jesus.

The issue about Cudia’s unable to receive his diploma is still up again. What can you say about this? Do you favor CHR or do you think the PMA has made the right decision? Leave your comments below.

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