If there was one very important thing that was advised to Cess not to do after making an exit in the PBB house, it would be checking her social media accounts. It was not just an ordinary advice knowing that there were so many haters that time that emerged after Cess’ problem with Jane that eventually led to unsettlement. Cess assumed that Jane would deny and would not listen to her anyway. That made so many fans out there rage in anger.

Cess Visitacion was advised during the Aquino and Abunda Tonight’s May 19 episode. The shocked and speechless Cess during the eviction night was caught unprepared and she didn’t have the notion that Big Brother could decide that quickly evicted her in a forceful manner.

Cess Visitacion’s Interview After Her Force Eviction on PBB ALL In Aquino and Abunda Tonight’s May 19 episode

There were several reasons for Cess’ eviction that was recorded by Big Brother that became a ground for Cess’ eviction and they were as follows:

  • Questioning and talking about the outside world.
  • Unable to use lapel mic.
  • Whispering
  • Moving furniture.
  • Secret messages.

Cess was unable to vindicate herself from what happened and she could only say thank you to her supporters. However, a comfort came from her family members that there were so many opportunities up ahead and maybe it was not just for her.

The interesting part no is when Cess has read a lot of articles pertaining to her eviction and the matters inside the PBB house and to find out that there was a certain fan page entitled “We Hate Cess” created just for her. Instead of feeling bad about it, Cess just laugh, this was according to her, and was thankful enough that there was a huge number of people, 20,000 to be exact, who knew her.

During the interview, Cess has expressed her feelings about the eviction. And for you to read the complete statement of Cess, here they are:

read the complete statement of Cess Visitacion

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