There was an announcement on CD-R King Facebook page that surprised a lot of people especially netizens and has something to do with the rumored plan of CD-R King to sell Google Glass. The said post according to CD-R King was erroneous and the company claimed that they are not connected with Google when it comes to selling products and other business transactions because they are not licensed or authorized to do this.

Because of what was posted, CD-R King is asking of apology for the inconvenienced that was caused by the post and it asks to cancel any idea or information in the minds of people regarding the selling of the said Google product. The name of CD-R King’s Facebook page that posted the announcement is CD-R King, Your One-stop Media Provider!

CD-R King is a famous seller of Chinese owned products in cheap and affordable prices. When you buy here, you will definitely have products with the lowest price. There are so many stores nationwide that focus more on computer products and accessories giving way for customers who are not capable of buying high end products. If you are planning to buy Google Glass from CD-R King, it is officially announced that there is no truth in the news.

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