Manila, Philippines – Everyone was surprised over Kris Aquino’s new look on her primetime talk show "Aquino & Abunda Tonight”. The 43-year-old actress has a new, short hair and there was a hint that it was due to some kind of heartache knowing that Kris has gone through a lot of trials and issues in life lately. The pixie cut of Kris is the shortest hair she had since birth according to her.

One of the hosts of the show, Boy Abunda commented that Kris’ hair is very relevant to summer. Since it is summertime, the best thing to do is cut hair short and he also stressed the fact that short hairs are good when you are going through a lot of things, it’s appropriate. Kris even said "I cut off more than a foot, so I'm super ready for my life change!".

Reason Why Kris Aquino Cut Her Hair Short?

When he was asked by co-host Abunda if she is going through something, Kris could only answer “it’s over, it’s time for a change”. Abunda then fired another question letting Kris explain the phrase “it’s over” and she replied “she doesn’t want any heartache anymore, that’s all”.

"It's not a choice naman, Krissy," Abunda added. "It will happen if it's going to happen again, but [it's about] moving on and rising above heartaches."

Abunda asked several questions then Kris answered smiling, saying that she is not ready to answer the questions, but she is just prepared to talk about her new hair style.

The issue lately about Kris Aquino is that she is dating Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista which was confirmed during the April 7 episode of “Aquino & Abunda Tonight”. This is after a week of questions about their relationship.

The issue about Kris’ cutting her hair short has touched the awareness of people that it became the talk of the town online, especially in social media. What can you say about her decision? Feel free to leave your comment below.

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