April 21, 2014; Monday, One of the most intriguing issues nowadays that have something to do with Vhong’s mauling is the desire of one of the accused to turn state witness. Arrest warrants are ready for the accused Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee, Berniece Lee, Jed Fernandez, Simeon Raz Jr. and Ferdinand Guerrero for the case serious illegal detention which is determined as non-bailable. The said arrest warrant was issued by Judge Paz Esperanza Cortes of the Taguig Regional Trial Court Branch 271 today, April 21, 2014.

According to reports, the accused who would like to turn state witness will tell the story of what happened during the mauling which is according to him, a plan made by Lee, Cornejo and the group called “Oplan Bugbog”. This issue became sensational now that the case is on its peak. The said mauling took place in Cornejo’s condo unit the night of January 22.

Who Wants to Turn State Witness Among the Accused in Navarro’s Mauling?

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said that there is already a processing being done for the application of one of the accused as state witness and it’s up to the court whether they will grant it or not.

The rape case that was filed by Deniece Cornejo was dismissed by the DOJ due to lack of evidences. Last week, the accused Cornejo, Lee and company paid their bail for the grave coercion offense but this one is non-bailable and it means to say that anytime from now, whether daytime or nighttime, the accused can be arrested.

The issue about Navarro’s mauling has caught attention of the public especially the netizens. In the past weeks, the accused Deniece Cornejo was interviewed in a certain television network where she expressed her sentiments over the case, trying to vindicate herself.

On the other hand, in one of the episodes of It’s Showtime, Vhong Navarro announced about the dismissal of the case filed by Cornejo to him that got him teary-eyed. He thanked his fans, colleague and everyone who supported him during his lowest moments. He went through surgery because of the effect of mauling.

Who do you think is the one who would like to turn state witness? Be updated on this case in our future post here.

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