Manila, PhilippinesThe Legal Wife is trending nowadays and became famous in social networking site topics especially in Twitter. It is known not just in the Philippines where it originated but also worldwide with life situations wherein many people can relate to. What happened now in one of the scenes of “The Legal Wife Scene Highlights is that Angel Locsin who played Monica broke down in tears knowing that Adrian (Jericho Rosales), her husband has an affair with her best friend.

In one of the episodes of the primetime series on April 23, Monica found a necklace on the beach and something flashed into her mind about the item recognizing it as something that Adrian bought but he did not give it to anybody. He did not give it to her, his mother or sister. Because of that, Monica became suspicious. Her suspicion is that Adrian’s mistress might be at the same resort. Monica are staging bikini competition.

The Legal Wife Scene April 23 Angel Breaks Down #TLWTheTrueLies

Monica then asks everyone in the pageant rehearsal in order to know who owns the necklace until one very shocking revelation came apparent. Monica looked everywhere and asked everyone whose necklace is the one that she is holding until Nicole, played by Maja Salvador came forward to claim the jewelry.

Monica then tried to recall everything about her best friend and Adrian’s interaction with each other until she got a clue. What happened in the episode that made her suspicion stronger is that he caught Adrian and Nicole holding hands.

Looking at social networking sites today, as what I have said, especially Twitter, you will notice that this is a hot topic and even the content of several hash tags. The most trending hash tag in Twitter that has something to do with the primetime series is #TLWTheTrueLies and this is the show’s official hash tag.

Now that things are becoming tougher for Monica, Nicole and Adrian, and we have watched the scenes on how each of them fought for their happiness, what could possibly be the ending of The Legal Wife

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