If you would like to know about Sunlife, the best thing to do is go to their official website and access to their dropdown menu. You will surely learn a lot of things about them from their products and services, investors, news insights, corporate responsibilities, careers, details and contact information. With these, there is no doubt that Sunlife will be revealed to you in an instant.

Financial security is the goal of Sun Life and as much as possible it should be lifetime. Most clients would make use of their products and services for financial usage. This is the reason why as much as possible, Sunlife should see to it that it is using the right system and applicable method in providing quality service to the clients. The scope of Sunlife’s services range from countries like Philippines, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia, India, China, Bermuda, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam and Indonesia. This is a total of 10 countries around the world.

Wealth security and wealth management is the main concern of Sunlife. It’s products and services are Financial planning and advice, Life insurance, Investment and retirement savings, and Health, dental and disability insurance.

With the services mentioned above, there is no doubt that Sunlife is the leader in wealth security and management and you can put your trust in this company that has proven its identity for years. Another thing that you can do with Sunlife is that you can invest. Being an investor, you should read their 4 pillar strategy that states:

  • Becoming the best performing life insurer in Canada
  • Enhancing a leadership position in U.S. group insurance and become top 5 in voluntary benefits
  • Growing our asset management businesses globally
  • Growing Asia to be a more significant part of Sun Life's results

If you have any questions with Sunlife, you can send your email to

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