April 12, 2014; Roxanne Cabanero, the one who accused Vhong Navarro of alleged rape case is sued by Miss Bikini PH organizer. The said case is a lawsuit and filed for a particular offense committed by Cabanero that involved the name of the organization and eventually put it in shame.

The name of the organization that filed the case against Cabanero is Slimmers World International and that case was filed at the Makati Regional Trial Court last April 8, 2014. With regards to the case, the Slimmers World International is demanding Cabanero to pay 1.6 million pesos for damaging the reputation of the said organization. The reason for this is that Cabanero repeatedly made use of the name of the organization during an interview. Cabanero also made use of Slimmers World International on her complaint on which according to the organization is not right. It was considered as moral damages by the organization.

Roxanne Cabanero is Sued by Miss Bikini PH Organizer

According to them, the reason why Cabanero made use of Miss Bikini PH is in order for her to generate publicity and sympathy on her situation up op to the point that the integrity of the organization is sacrificed. Because of what happened, there might be an implication that the organization failed to protect its contestants. But according to Slimmers World International, Cabanero violated one of the rules and regulations of the pageant for accepting visitors during the pageant period which is not supposed to be.

Cabanero filed a case against Navarro for allegedly raping her on April 24, 2010 on which, if we are going to look at the date, it was the date of the pageant and it so happened that during that time, Vice Ganda has a show on which Vhong Navarro was one of the guests.

According to the lawyer of Cabanero, the said rape happened at around April 24, 25, 26 and 27. Cabanero also denied that she has connection with the 8 accused of mauling of Navarro. Vhong Navarro also filed a perjury case against Cabanero. She is now facing several cases filed against her. On the other hand, the case filed by Deniece Cornejo to Vhong Navarro was dismissed by DOJ. Be updated on this case in our future post here.

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