Kim Nichole Baranda is the fifth housemate and the daughter of TV host and celebrity, Phoemela Baranda. Dubbed "Sweet Revelation ng Makati,” Nichole would like to unveil a lot of her and reveal all the secrets about her personality. Nichole is 15 years old and she is one of the housemates who were revealed at “Buzz ng Bayan” on Sunday afternoon.

Looking at Nichole’s life story, her “Mommy La passed away in 2009. Mommy La raised Nichole and in previous interviews with ABS-CBN, she admitted that she is not that close to her mother Phoemela Baranda.

Nichole spent her time improving herself because she was judged by her weight. This is also the reason why she chose dancing as her hobby, in fact, she became a member of the CSA Dance Troupe. She is currently a High School sophomore at Colegio de San Agustin.

PBB All In Housemate Nichole Baranda Biography

According to reports, Phoemela was not so sure of allowing her daughter Nichole to enter the Big Brother House. This is due to the fact that Nichole is very young and she doesn’t want to expose her to showbiz at her very young age. Phoemela is already 33 years old and we can say that she is a very successful woman in terms of career. She kept a secret about her daughter and she did not expose it to public.

Nichole never knew before that Phoemela was her mother. All she knew was that her relationship with her is being a sister. Nichole will surely tell a lot of secrets inside the Big Brother House and we should look forward to that. We should not miss any single episode of Pinoy Big Brother All In and you should keep yourself updated on the happenings inside the house through this blog. We will see to it that you are well informed.

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