Maris Racal is the tenth housemate who entered the Pinoy Big Brother House that was introduced on Sunday. Maris is dubbed as “Singing Sunshine of Davao” and a daughter of a famous folk singer in Davao. Since she grew up with a father who is a singer, she was influenced by him and became a music lover. Because of her talent, she is dedicated to showing here skills inside the Pinoy Big Brother house and eventually influence others as well, including her fellow housemates. This talented girl has a lot to offer so we better look forward to those. How about hearing her sing one song in a certain time?

Though Maris grew up in a musically inclined family and her parents are both singers, Maris learned how to play the guitar on her own, actually he learned it online by watching videos and following the instructions on the tutorial. What’s so amazing about Maris is that she can play multiple instruments like piano, ukulele and beatbox. Dance sport is one of her hobbies aside from music. It only shows that she is not just a singer, musical instrument player, but also a dancer.

PBB All In Housemate Maris Racal Biography

One of the things that she went through is her breakup with her boyfriend. The reason for that is because her family found out about their secret relationship and she needed to give it up. Despite the fact that they are not together anymore, Maris admits that she still lover her ex-boyfriend.

We will surely get to know her more and hear her sing and play musical instruments. Maris is one of the most talented housemates and being dubbed as “Singing Sunshine of Davao,” the rush of excitement is there as days pass inside the PBB House. Don’t miss any episode of Pinoy Big Brother All In and be updated with what is happening inside the house.

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