Loisa Andalio is the fourteenth housemate who entered the Pinoy Big Brother House. She is 15 years old and dubbed as “Talented Darling ng Pasay.”  Because of her talent, she was able to make use of this in joining a teenage girl group called 3G. Her greatest inspiration in joining the Pinoy Big Brother All In is her parents.

Looking at her family background, she grew up in a close family. It means to say that they have a good relationship with each other. Loisa is second among the four siblings of a sales manager and a housewife. One of her traits is being friends with boys, in fact she likes boys more than girls as company. This is because she doesn’t want to have friends that are “plastic” in slang Filipino jargon. Though she is “one of the boys” and she can get along well with the boys, she doesn't have any experience having a boyfriend, in short NBSN (no boyfriend since birth).

Update: Evicted from PBB All In 13th and Final Eviction Night as of August 23, 2014

PBB All In Housemate Loisa Andalio Biography

Her group 3G is a sing-and-dance group capable of performing in malls, fiestas, etc. In terms of sports, Loisa is fond of playing volleyball. Her dream is to become a flight attendant in the near future because of her desire to travel to different countries around the world.

Loisa is one of the youngest, yet most talented inside the Big Brother House. Let us see how will she able to deal with her housemates who are older than she. We might be surprised how this “Talented Darling ng Pasay” will do her best in order to get the approval of people. You can support Loisa by watching PBB All In daily. Your support will mean much to her at times when she needs it. Now that PBB has finally opened, we will surely be amazed of how the housemates show themselves living inside an isolated house for 100 days.

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