Pacquiao won over Bradley on a rematch held at the MGM Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a rematch on the WBO Welterweight World Title that caused the two fighters to reach the end of the 12 rounds for the decision. The decision was in favor of “the people’s champ” Manny ‘Pacman” Paquiao over Desert Storm Timothy Bradley. It was their second bout and a rematch of a fight that took place two years ago when Bradley grabbed the title from Pacquiao.

The scorecard in favor of Pacquiao scored 116 – 112, 118 – 110 making him the new WBO Welterweight Champion of the World. It was an action-packed bout that really got the fans shouting in support of their fighter. You can see the round by round update on the bout on this site here.

Pacquiao Wins over Bradley on the Rematch
Congrats Pinoy Pride Manny Pacquiao.

And if you are looking forward to watching the replay of the fight, you can try it on Monday on IBC at around 5 in the afternoon. You can also watch the replay tonight on GMA7 at around 10 in the evening.
Pacquiao’s victory was celebrated by the Filipino fans around the world, especially to those who went to the venue to watch. There was non-stop shouting that made the fight more interesting since the two fighters had their own personal agenda for fighting.

Manny Pacquiao wins Saturday, April 12 against Timothy Bradley for the WBO welterweight title

We have known before the fight that the heat was on between the two fighters, Pacquiao and Bradley throwing conversations on what to expect during the fight, One of the things that caught the attention of the viewers of the boxing bout, especially those who are watching this through the television is the support given by Manny’s mother Dionsia to him.

The bout was started by the singing of national anthem of both Philippines and USA. Jessica Sanchez sang the Philippine National Anthem while Ashanti sang the Star Spangled Bannerthe national anthem of the United States of America.

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