The most anticipated rematch between “The People’s Champ” Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley has been concluded. Pacquiao won the fight with a unanimous decision on scorecard 116 -112, 116 -112, 118 -110 all in favor of Pacman. The fight was held in MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Nevada. It was a crucial match for the two fighters who are hungry for victory. This time, Pacquiao regained his titled that was taken by Bradley from him two years ago.

Here is a round by round update of Pacquiao vs Bradley 2:

Round 1 of Pacquiao vs Bradley 2
Bradley makes an uppercut and blocked by Pacquiao. In return, Pacquiao also give his jab on Bradley’s defense and his punches lands on Bradley’s arms. A couple of punches are thrown by Bradley when Pacquiao is against the rope, looking at it an opportunity for him to corner Pacquiao.

Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 Boxing Fight Details per Round

Round 2 of Pacquiao vs Bradley 2
A combination by Bradley starts this round. He made his jabs against Pacquiao. Pacquiao attacks Bradley and he nearly stumbles against the rope with Pacquiao’s punches of different combinations. Bradley brings Pacquiao to the corner but Pacquiao makes an effort to bring back the fight at the center of the ring. A straight punch lands on Pacquiao’s face but Pacquio makes a counter punch.

Round 3 of Pacquiao vs Bradley 2
Jabs coming from Bradley starts the round. In return, Pacquiao makes a combination of punches. With this, Bradley is trying to get away from Pacuquiao and Pacman makes a combination that evades Bradley. Pacquiao tries to keep Bradley away and Bradley fires body shots on Pacman but an uppercut is fired on Bradley..

Round 4 of Pacquiao vs Bradley 2
The fourth round starts with Bradley attacking Pacquiao. They are in the middle of the ring with Bradley making an aggression. Pacquiao is looking for an opening to penetrate through Bradley but Bradley hit Pacquiao with a straight punch that he backs away. Blocking is done by Pacquiao on Bradley’s punches and Bradley still punches on the a right hand.

Round 5 of Pacquiao vs Bradley 2
Pac makes a straight left that stops Bradley’s plan of combo. Pacman looks for an opening but Bradley gets him on the rope. Pacman  makes a way to get out of trouble and he succeeds. Pressure is on Bradley that is why his coach asks him to stay out of it.

Round 6 of Pacquiao vs Bradley 2
Bradley is aggressive on this round, throwing a lot of punches to Pacquiao. A good shot lands on Bradley makes a counter. Pacman backs up Bradley against the rope and escapes from it afterwards.

Round 7 of Pacquiao vs Bradley 2
Bradley is throwing a lot of punches on the body of Pacquiao. His right hand is blocked by Pacman and Pacman gets him on the rope. Pacman attacks Bradley while he is on the rope and Bradley with a gesture asking for more from Pacman.

Round 8 of Pacquiao vs Bradley 2
The two fighters are making jabs on the start of the round. Pacman is trying to bring Bradley against the rope. Pacman lands with a straight right and Bradley tries to make a counter attack but he misses. On this round, Bradley made miss on a huge amount of punches thrown.

Round 9 of Pacquiao vs Bradley 2
A couple of punches is from Bradley on the start of the round. In this round, Pacman becomes aggressive while Bradley is slow in movement. Pacman tries to bring Bradley against the rope and he is in control now. Bradley makes a jab.

Round 10 of Pacquiao vs Bradley 2
Bradley shows aggressiveness on the start of the round doing an attack on Pacquiao by means of body punches. Pacquaio tries to block Bradley’s punches and makes a straight left and a combination. Pacman makes a lot of combination puches.

Round 11 of Pacquiao vs Bradley 2
Bradley suddenly slows in movement. He makes a straight hand that connects with Pacquiao. Pacquiao brings Bradley against the rope and Bradley tries to keep Pacquiao away with his jab. Bradley tries to get away of Pacquaio but he throws punches and Pacquiao blocks them away.

Round 12 of Pacquiao vs Bradley 2
The action is on the middle of the ring where both fighters are exchanging punches. Pacquiao lands more punches on Bradley and Bradley is trying to make an exit from trouble. Bradley is against the rope now and they are still exchanging punches. The crowd gets louder now. Suddenly, Pacman is cut above the eye, the time is paused. Bradley tries to do a lot of punches at the final ten seconds and Pacquiao escapes it. The bell rings. The fight is over.
Pacquiao Emerged Victorious Over Timothy Bradley on a Rematch

This is the round by round cover of the fight between Pacquiao and Bradley. The replay can be watched on IBC 13 at 5 p.m. on Monday, April 14, 2014, Sunday on GMA7 at 10:30 p.m. today, April 13, 2014.

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