April 18, 2014; PERTH, AustraliaStill no signs of wreckage is found by deep-sea drone searches and it feels like the hopes for finding the missing jet is slowly fading. This is already the fifth mission made but still there is no result. The location that is 2,000 kms west of the Australian City of Perth is believed to be by the authorities where the jet has crashed after its disappearance in the radar.

The incident took place on March 8, 2014 wherein there are 239 people on board and most of them are Chinese citizens. It already took more than a month of searching for the missing jet with different theories and explanations given by experts that would clarify the issue but to no avail. This brings agony to the families of the missing passengers of the plane.

The heart of the search is the “black box” that he jet contains that transmits ping to the sonar device used for searching. Measuring the size of the place of the area of search by the authority will give a result of a city wide. The authority is now using the Bluefin-21 because the life expectancy of the black box battery has passed.

No Results for MH370 Deep-sea Drone Searches on Australia

The search was discussed on Thursday with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and others providing information about the results and sad to say that there are still no parts of the missing jet found. There are rumors about the stopping of the search and this was clarified by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott that there is a considering of other areas that will be a target for the search but the search still continues on the former area. It means to say that the action is still there in search of the missing jet. source

Though the jet was missing for more than a month already, the motivation is still there for the searching.

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