Manila, Philippines – Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said that Janet Lim Napoles is now ready to state everything she knows about the alleged pork barrel scam that involved multi-billion pesos. She also added that Napoles’ statement over the case could be a major development in one o the biggest corruption scandals in the country’s history.

We have known that Napoles remained silent over the issue for a long time that about the alleged illegal transactions that she made that has something to do with pork barrel. De Lima interviewed Napoles at the Ospital ng Makati. It was a request from Napoles that she granted according to de Lima. She also added that Napoles sent feelers before the Holy Week that she’s ready to speak up. She agreed to tell everything that she knows about PDAF.

Napoles Will Now Speak About the Pork Barrel Issue

There is also a request coming from Napoles regarding her turning to a state witness but de Lima could not promise anything and besides it is not for her to decide but rather the Ombudsman. Napoles is scheduled to be operated and she said that she will speak up before undergoing operation at the Ospital ng Makati on Tuesday for her uterine cyst.  This is according to her lawyer Faye Singson.

The issue regarding the pork barrel scam has been a tough issue for several months already. There are several politicians who are involved in the issue that caused debate in the senate and different parts of the government.

Janet Lim Napoles’ statement is huge since this will clarify the issue. She remained silent that caused people to guess a lot of things. Now that she is set to speak, we do hope that there will be a silver lining on the issue. What this country needs is justice in order to prosper.

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