Manulife Background

Everything about Manulife started with Sir John A. Macdonald of Canada. This was first established in 1887 in Toronto, Canada and reached the Philippines in the year 1907, specifically Manila. Talking about life insurance in the country (Philippines), this is one of the oldest. And since this is one of the oldest, the reputation of this company is high. In fact, it has been conducting business in the country for more than 100 years – this is quite long enough for the company to prove a lot of things.

Looking at the country today, Manulife is among the top life insurance companies. And for the record, it is the first foreign company to list in the Philippine Stock Exchange. This company has really great reputations.

Manulife Financial Corporation Review

Manulife Products and promotions

Going to the pages of Manulife Insurance, you will see a lot of offers from the company. The thing is it has been serving the Filipinos for so many years. Aside from the innovative products and services offered by Manulife, it has also done a lot of changes for the sake of demands and competency.

Manulife Products and promotions

There are also business opportunities given by Manulife to ordinary people.  With its expansion of services in the country, there are so many potential entrepreneurs who benefited from it.

The good news is that Manulife can be your potential business partner. With the backing of its parent company called Manulife Financial Corporation (MFC) in the Philippines, the company has the capacity to expand its financial help and services to people. There are also individuals who are profiting from this company through extension of business opportunities.

Availing Manulife Insurance is one since this is a life insurance that has already roots in the hearts of people across the country and even in the entire world. This is the reason why integrity and good service is a must if you would like to expand your business territory.

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