Manila, PhilippinesMaja Salvador who plays Nicole, the mistress in “The Legal Wife” said that she wanted to pull her hair whenever she saw herself in the television. This is due to the fact that she doesn’t agree personally with her character’s decisions in the series.

She had an affair with Adrian (Jericho Rosales), her best friend’s Monica (Angel Locsin) husband. She considered her character challenging in the sense that she is the mistress. The recent episode of “Legal Wife”, she continued having an affair with Adrian though they kept it secret and Monica is growing in suspicion with her husband’s being away.

Maja Salvador Mistress Role on "The Legal Wife" ABS-CBN Teleserie

Guilt has stricken Nicole but still she continued confiding her marital problems with her best friend and that allowed her to see Adrian often. Salvador said that in real life, nobody wants to become a mistress. You will never know where to go if you are in that situation, you will wake up one day that you are in loved with someone who has a family. You will wake up one day capable of destroying a “home” (homerecker). She added also that her role is hard but that’s here job because she believes that many can relate with her role.

Salvador explained that the lesson that we can learn from “The Legal Wife” is that we sometimes know what is right and what should be the right thing to do. But once you are already in the situation, things will be different and it seems like they are hard to handle. This is what the Legal Wife is trying to portray.

"The Legal Wife," is directed by Rory Quintos and Dado Lumibao. You can watch this during weeknights after “Ikaw Lamang” in ABS-CBN. Watch this for yourself and let us know your reaction with the characters. Truly, this is one very challenging show to watch that has a life-saving effect.

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