The popularity and success of the song “Let it Go” has soared higher and we can trace its origin and find ourselves in a movie called “Frozen”. The thing is there was huge success in the movie and the song as well that has won the Best Composition award. Watching youtube will give us an idea of so many versions of the song that eventually became viral. Of those versions, some are serious and some are not, there is one very good version that really struck my attention and the song was translated into several languages incorporated in the song as fragments.

The songLet it Go” was translated into so many languages, 25 languages to be specific,  in the video which include English, French, German, Dutch, Mandarin, Swedish, Japanese, Latin American Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Castillan Spanish, Catalan,Italian,Korean, Serbian, Cantonese, Portuguese, Bahasa Malaysian, Russian, Danish, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Thai, Canadian French and Flemish. Looking at the different languages, we can see that there is no Filipino included.

Let it Go Version in 25 Different Languages

How I wish there is but there is none but I still take pride because the writer of the song has a Filipino blood. Robert Lopez, a Fil-Am wrote the song that won Oscar’s Best Original Songs.

If you are going to watch the video, you will notice that it is “behind the mic” version on multi-language. You will surely enjoy the intensity of the voice of different singers from different countries. It is good to know that despite the crisis that is happening around the world that has something to do with cultural and lingual boundaries, this project was made and there is a great collaboration among nations through the voices of these talented artists.

How do you think would it sound like if there is a Filipino language included in the video? Well, let us look forward to it. Maybe there are revisions on the video but as for now, let us be proud that in the blood of the writer of the song runs the Filipino culture. Well, let us hope and look forward to more version of the song and I hope there will be Filipino language.

Here is the Viral "let it Go" Filipino Translated Version

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