Manila, Philippines KC Concepcion confessed her feelings with Paulo Avelino who has admitted to be a suitor of the actress. Paulo is one of the stars of “Honesto” and there are speculations regarding their relationship status. KC Concepcion is currently in New York taking up a short course on acting. What makes the issue sensational is the text message to “Kris TV” writer Darla Sauler to whom KC made the confession through text messaging.

There are reports stating that the two are no longer dating that is why many are asking regarding their relationship status. Concepcion has been in New York since January and Avelino made a visit for a late birthday celebration of the actress which was last April 7.

KC Concepcion Confessed Her Love with Paulo Avelino

Concepcion’s Instagram contains pictures of Avelino’s visit and he was holding up a wine glass with the caption that reads "Safe flight home. It made my heart happy to cook for you that day & to see you enjoying the little things, even just for a while. Thank you. For everything.”

Another intriguing picture of shadows of two people gave their fans something to think about and that brought a lot of speculations. The said photo with the caption "Our roads are gonna cross again. It doesn't really matter when” which is a lyrics of Barry Manilow’s hit Somewhere Down the Road.

When Avelino separated with his girlfriend, actress LJ Reyes, weeks after it, he admitted that he was dating KC and that was in November 2013. Avelino has a son with LJ Reyes.

What do you think about this issue? What do you think is the relationship status of KC Concepcion and Paulo Avelino. Let us know your ideas regarding this matter. Do not forget to leave your comment below this article and let us discuss this matter.

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