If there is one thing that might help you remember Jollibee more, it would be its tasty burger. This store has been there, making people happy starting in the Philippines and eventually reached out to other nations. For the record, it already has 750 stores in the Philippines alone not to mention its extension stores in USA, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Brunei and Qatar.

One of bestselling products in Jollibee is the burger. The thing is you can pair this product with other products in Jollibee to form a menu. To name the Jollibee products combined to burger to form a menu, here is a list with the prices.

Jollibee Burger Review by CEnterTechNews

Jollibee Champ Burger
Champ: composed of heavy weight burger, fries and drinks. You can buy solo (burger only) at P107.00 and Value Meal at P143.00.

Jollibee Yum Burger
Yum: composed of regular burger, fries and drinks. You can buy solo (burger only) at P28.00 and Value Meal at P64.00.

Jollibee Yum with Cheese Burger
Yum with Cheese: composed of regular burger with cheese, fries and drinks. You can buy solo (burger only) at P43.00 and Value Meal at P78.00.

Jollibee Yum with TLC Burger
Yum with TLC: composed of regular burger with add-ons inside, fries and drinks. You can buy solo (burger only) at P55.00 and Value Meal at P91.00.

With these product combinations of Jollibee burger, you can surely have your way. You can choose among the said products what you want to eat. You will surely look forward to what Jollibee has to offer in the future because of its tasty products.
Jollibee Choice Ko Yum Awards

Jollibee’s greatest virtue is giving high value to family. This company is also dedicated to helping students finish their studies by giving them a means to earn money. The latest Jollibee endorser is Julia Barretto and it started after the Jollibee Choice Ko Yum Awards. Jollibee has been a part of every child’s childhood days. They have their own specific Jollibee stories, especially with burgers.

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