Manila, Philippines – John Lloyd Cruz is now ready for the fitness competition in Boracay after months of working out to develop his physical built. He is currently the newest endorser of Century Tuna which is the sponsor for the annual Superbods pageant. The said pageant is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle.

John Lloyd went through Superbods Super Challenge for 6 weeks which include a diet program and working out by Nadine Tengco and trainer Jim Saret. John Lloyd said that it was his desire when he turned 30 to have that kind of sustainable lifestyle that is why he took the challenge, in fact, biking is one of his routines.

John Lloyd Cruz Joined Superbod

Cruz also said that there is a better version of himself now that they have started doing something great. When he was asked if his fans can look forward to a sculptured body, like having abs, he said that being a better versions of himself doesn’t mean having a sculptured body. Aside from having a good physical looks, he said that the reason why he joined is because he wanted to become healthier and his family is his source of motivation for the program.

Another good statement from Cruz is when he said that he wanted to share good things to people and as much as possible he wanted to have a healthier lifestyle for the sake of his family because he desires to be with them for a longer time. He then quoted that if you want to be with your loved ones for a longer time, you have to take care of yourself and there are so many ways to do this.

This is another step in John Lloyd Cruz’s career. Let us see what will happen next to the contest. Congratulations in advance to the winners. Share your comments below.

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