Manila, Philippines – One of the accused in Vhong Navarro’s mauling has reportedly backed out from being a state witness according to a report. His name is Jed Fernandez. It was reported that he would like to become a state witness that will tell everything he knows about the story of mauling.

Veteran  journalist and Pilipino Star Ngayon columnist Tony Calvento is doing his own researches in contribution to Navarro’s camp and he said during an interview on “Buzz ng Bayan” that there was an initial interest of Fernandez to become a state witness through one of his friends.

In a Japanese restaurant, Fernandez met with him in order to reveal Lee’s plan along with the group of mauling Navarro. This friend also added that there was a meeting that took place in a poolside of a hotel on the day Navarro was mauled in order to make an agreement on what to do with Vhong and they all agreed to “teach Vhong a lesson.” This is according to alleged friend of Fernandez.

Jed Fernandez Who Wants to Turned State Witness in Mauling Navarro Backout

Calvento said that Vhong was furious that time to the point that he wanted to kill Vhong and after the conversation, they all agree to teach Vhong a Lesson and according to Calvento he has no idea on what kind of lesson they are going to teach the “It’s Showtime” host.

Fernandez even revealed the identity of the person holding the duct tape that was seen in a CCTV footage with Cedric Lee and his group. That was the night when Navarro was mauled. source

Fernandez and his friend already appeared before DOJ in order to speak about the issue. Meanwhile, Lee and Raz are already in the hands of NBI and about to undergo with the proceedings. Because of a successful operation in Eastern Samar to nab the two, Navarro’s camp thanked the NBI. Be updated on this case in our future post here.

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