Manila, Philippines Herbert’s concern for his children is allegedly the reason why he was no longer dating Kris Aquino, this is according to someone who is close to the former actor. Herbert Bautista is Quezon City’s major who became sensational over the issue of pursuing Kris Aquino, actress and TV host.

His decision started before the Holy Week on which a week before, Kris Aquino confirmed that they were dating. The issue of the two’s dating became an issue and rumor on the previous month dubbing their relationship “Kristek” that became viral. With this, Herbert’s children were greatly affected. He has two children with long-time partner Tates Gana and according to a source, it should be enough reason for him to stop dating Kris.

Herbert Bautista Stopped Dating Kris Aquino

His children are Athena, 17 years old and Harvey, 10 years old and they are new to showbiz industry. Aside from this, Bautista was also reported to have two children from other previous relationships. The source also added that Bautista and Gana were no longer together as a couple since 2003 though there were public appearances that they were together for several years.

Bautista said during an interview with Esquire Philippines in its April 2014 issue that though they were not together anymore, he is very thankful to the mothers of his four children for raising them well. Though there are speculations regarding Bautista’s plan of boosting his chances in running for higher office, the source told ABS-CBN news that there was no truth in it. In fact, there was no conflict between Aquino and Bautista with regards to their relationship when they were still involved.

The issue wherein Bautista and Aquino are involved became sensational, Kris Aquino cut her hair short and there are so many comments and reactions on the issue. Kris said that it’s time for her to move on and be happy.

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