The success of the song “Let it Go” is undeniable. This is the reason why wherever you go, you will surely have the chance to hear it in any medium. We have watched the movie “Frozen” and Demi’s version with music video and quite impressed by both but how about the Korean parody of the song? The thing is it became viral!
Parody is so popular nowadays and they have the purpose of not taking things seriously just to make someone feel better and smile. And watching “Frozen Bear,” Korea’s parody of the movie “Frozen” and the song “Let it Go” will surely make you pee on your pants.

The parody was made on a certain variety show when someone who disguised as Queen Elsa, who was a guy, walked around the stage with a snowy background while the audience were cheering. One great attraction from the performance was the throwing of powder to the audience and the presence of snow objects.

Frozen “Let It Go” Korean Parody Goes Viral

If you are going to watch the video, you will surely be entertained. In fact, it has hit 1,910,201 views in youtube with all those comments of both good and bad. Well, there is nothing wrong with parodies, it’s just that there are people who are not into it and you cannot also despise those who love watching parodies for certain purposes.

The dance moves and the sudden entrance of characters in the live stage really made a great impact on the performance. The video became viral and shared a lot on social networking sites. If you happen to visit youtube and look for the video, you will certainly enjoy watching it.

Here is the glimpse of the video that has been circulating in the net for quite some time.

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