Let it Go, Frozen’s soundtrack is probably one of the most talked about songs nowadays following a worldwide popularity that really captured the taste of music of different races including the Filipinos. And of course, the Philippines will surely never let this popular song go unnoticed. In fact, it has been featured in many shows and two of the most talented and respected artists in the country made a cover of the song on two separate events namely Sarah Geronimo and Regine Velasquez. Let us look at the versions of the two.

Regine’s "Let it Go" Version

Being crowned as the “Asia’s Songbird”, Regine Velasquez has made a lot of hits including “Pangarap Ko ang Ibigin Ka,” “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw,” and many more that really made it to the chart. Regine’s humble beginnings started as a guest on certain television shows until she became famous by recording albums and making hits.

Frozen "Let it Go" Filipino Versions

Here is Regine’s "Let it Go" Version Video Clip.

Lately, in a concert with Martin Nievera held at MOA Arena last February 14, 2014 entitled “Voices of Love”, Regine Velasquez made a cover of the song. Regine’s performance was critiqued by some and loved by many due to slight changes on the tune that made it her own version. With her being “Regine” with a powerful voice, it really captured the taste of Filipinos when it comes to ballads and renditions.

Sarah’s "Let it Go" Version

Sarah Geronimo, the “Star for a Night” champion also made her versions of the song. We all know that this diva has a very wholesome personality and good voice that made her way to success. She then appeared in lots of movies and tv shows that added to her success.

Here is Sarah’s "Let it Go" Version Video Clip.

Sarah’s version of “Let it Go” was done during here mini concern in Fairview Terraces in Quezon City. It became popular due to the fact that Sarah is one of the artists of this country who is looked forward to. Her powerful, original voice made her look like possessing the song. Listening to “Let it Go” with her version reveals Sarah’s personality when it comes to singing. She sang at the bottom of her heart.

The Comparison

Listening to the versions of the two famous artists will give us a hard time deciding who between them has a better version. With regards to the stage performance of the two, we can say that Regine is more experienced as she is older in the industry than Sarah, in fact, Regine is one of Sarah’s inspiration. But looking at the song alone, the two has made a great impact to the audience, only, I should say that Regine has a better version, but not discrediting the performance of Sarah. It just shows that Regine has proven her seniority.

What about if Lea Salonga will make her own version? What do you think would be the result?

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