April 14, 2014; Early Monday, Ferdinand Guerero tries to leave the country for Hongkong. The mauling of Navarro took place on January 22 of this year and he is one of the suspects. A news was reported earlier regarding the statement of the lawyer of Lee and Cornejo that his clients will not leave the country, but in fact, they will face squarely the issue whatever will be the result of the case.

The schedule of flight supposedly by Guerero via Cebu Pacific flight 5J 108 should be around 5:40 a.m and it is bound to Hongkong. It has caused arguing between Guerero and the immigration officer. Officer Nick Ferrer said that as ordered by the DOJ and NBI, he is not allowed to exit from the country. 

Ferdinand Guerero and Cedric Lee Tries to Leave the Country

On Saturday, his co-accused Cedric Lee also booked a flight to Dubai via Cebu Pacific but the information leaked that caused it to be cancelled.

Though this is so, the BI said that they cannot prohibit the accused of getting out of the country because a warrant of arrest is not yet issued against them. Last Thursday, the NBI has found possible causes for Cedric Lee, Guerrero, Deniece Cornejo, Bernice Lee, Simeon Raz, Jose Paolo Calma, and Jed Fernandez for serious illegal detention and grave coercion case.

The case for the illegal detention and grave coercion was filed before the Taguig Regional Trial Court after what happened last January 22 when the group of Lee and Cornejo has deprived Navarro of his liberty and let him do things against his will.

The case is still at large after that the filed rape case against Navarro was dismissed by the DOJ. Both camps are still looking forward to what might happen in the days to come.

Do you think it is proper not to allow the accused to get out of the country without the warrant of arrest? Let us know your stand. Be updated on this case in our future post here.

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