Jam Fernando Sebastian or Jamvhille Sebastian is a famous youtube sensation who is in a relationship with Paolinne Michelle Liggayu. Becoming popular with the use social media is possible nowadays and Jam has proven that. With so many hits in youtube, the real life couple has gathered applauses from fans across the country fond of watching their short films.
Jam Fernando is one of those who are into making others happy with their creations because it is easier to share videos with the use of youtube.

Career of Jam Sebastian

The career of Jam Sebastian is completed with “Jamich” known as Jam and Michelle, the name of her girlfriend that makes up the couple. There are so many questions regarding them, in fact, if you are going to look at the comments on the videos on youtube, many are asking when will be the time for the two to tie a knot. The couple answered that they have no plans yet.

Latest issues of Jam Sebastian

The most popular issue of Jam Sebastian is his condition having lung cancer. The news spread through the net with a picture of what he looks like being on the condition taken at the hospital. Because of the news, prayers for Jam Sebastian became viral.

When he was interviewed, he said that he doesn’t have any vice. He doesn’t smoke and he doesn’t drink beer. But a picture suddenly went viral with him holding a cigarette and a beer taken at a certain bar. He explained that the picture is just some kind of “trip” of his friends and it is not real. He only posted with the beer and the cigar in order to have a bad boy image but it is not real, he defended himself.

While having a lung cancer, he cannot believe that he is battling with the illness because he was just healthy a few months ago. Paolinne even told her to be strong and get well soon because their fans are looking forward more to what they can offer. And thinking about being settled soon makes him stronger and fight the battle with lung cancer. Let us pray for Jam’s quick recovery.

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