Personal Life of Gretchen Barretto

Through the years, we have seen this beautiful and talented actress named Gretchen Barretto appear in so many movies and shows. Born March 6, 1970, this 44 year old celebrity is the fifth of seven children of Miguel Alvir Barretto and Estrella Castelo Barretto.  His brothers and sisters are Claudine, Marjorie, Gia, Mitch, Joaquin and Mito.  Aside from being an actress, she is also a recording artist.

Aside from her name, he is also regarded as Greta and dubbed as the Screen Goddess of the Philippine Cinema by her fans. Looking back to the history of this actress, we can see lots of things that made her way to success.

Featured Celebrity: Gretchen Barretto

Career of Gretchen Barretto

Greta, as they call her was one of the newest Regal Babies in the 80s together with Janice De Belen and Nadia Montenegro. During that time, they were rising stars. One of the breakthroughs in the career of Gretchen was the launching of Regal Film’s 14 Going on Steady. Time passed and she was involved in so many castings, hosting and movie appearance.

We can remember lots of her roles as Atty. Eva Custodio in Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala, La Greta in Toda Max, Helen in Juan Dela Cruz, Ashi Behati Rinpoche in Princess and I and a lot more. Aside from these she also recorded her debut album “Unexpected” in 2008 and her sophomore album “Complicated” a year after. It only shows that she is not just an actress but a singer also.

Latest Issues about Gretchen Barretto

Life has not been so easy with Gretchen. The issue about family feud had been a stumbling block for her and a lot of people. We can say that the Barrettos are prominent in the society because of being famous, rich and influential but they went through a lot of issues that has something to do with their family.

Her conflict with her sister Claudine is the big issue in 2013 wherein there are accusations coming from her telling that her sister really used drugs. That issue reached the mainstream media and critique.
Right now, she is going steady with her career being a mother, wife and actress.

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