Personal Life of Claudine Barretto

Named as Claudine Margaret Castelo Barretto, this actress is born on July 20, 1979 and is the youngest girl of the four sisters. Her parents are Miguel Alvir Barretto and Estrella Castelo Barretto. Looking at the family tree of this actress we can see lots of actresses who emerged also and became popular like Gretchen Barretto and Marjorie Barretto. Only her older sister Gia is different because she is a teacher in Boston, Massachusetts.

There are so many actors linked to Claudine, and they are famous. Claudine dated Mark Anthony Fernandez, Diether Ocampo and the late matinee idol Rico Yan. She was married to Raymart Santiago.

Featured Celebrity: Claudine Barretto

Career of Claudine Barretto

A certain party served as the starting point for Claudine to be discovered. A talent scout named Douglas Quijano discovered her and during that time her two sisters Marjorie and Gretchen are already in the industry. Claudine was just 13 years old when she was discovered and she wanted to follow the footsteps of her sisters who are already famous.

Claudine then started in a youth oriented program called Ang TV and she became famous there. Years after, she engaged in lots of films and television programs that made her name more popular. One of her most remarkable role is being Bing Cosme in Home Along Da Riles along with the late Dolphy and other famous actors and actresses such as Vandolph, Nova Villa, and others.

Her famous movies are Anak, Kailanga Kita, Sukob, Nasaan Ka Man, Got 2 Believe, Milan and many more.

Latest issues about Claudine Barretto

With regards to the issues of Claudine Barretto, Raymart Santiago, his husband is on the big picture. Their case became controversial with so many involved people including a feud with Claudine’s family. There was this brawling also of Mon Tulfo that caught the attention of many people and gained reaction from netizen.

Claudine and Raymart brawled Mon in the airport that brought confusion to people with regards to who is right or wrong. The incident has led to filing of case on both sides and forgiveness took place after.
Claudine is right now separated with Raymart and living a life of being a single mom.

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