March 31, 2014; Martilyo Gang strikes once again by robbed a mall, this time it's the Mall of Asia located at Pasay City. This is a reminder of what took place in the same location when a group of robbers entered with their hammer but not this time because they are using pipe wrenches. Their signature weapon is no longer a hammer.

The incident is ditto to what happened before and now there were at least 10 robbers who were carrying not just pipe wrenches but also pistols that caused panic in the mall. When the shots were fired, there were shoppers who rushed immediately to the exit to enter and some hid inside the mall. Most of the mall goers found a place where they can cover and hide. 

Faces of Robbers on Mall of Asia Captured on CCTV Wearing Baseball Caps.

Chief Supt. Jose Erwin Villacorte, Southern Police District director the suspects passed through the usual security area and they entered the mall. What’s so intriguing is that through the captured footages of the CCTV camera, two of them are handling pistols. And these two went through the security area.

The F&C Jewelry Store was hit by the robbers which was the same target of robbery on other malls. This is now subject to investigation. Before doing these, the men fired firearms on the ground floor to the ceiling that created massive panic in the mall.

One mall employee was hit by a strayed bullet and undergoing medication. His name is Brando Abudla, 20. A suspect identified as Ryan Bansawan, 26 years old was under to custody of the police. There was a total of 11 fired cartridges of 9 mm pistols were recovered outside of the mall.

The police are also checking the DIY store because there are doubts that the pipe wrenches were bought there. Robbery charges are filed with the arrested suspect and his companions. source

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