Vhong Navarro turned emotional during “It’s Showtime” on Thursday, because DOJ junked the rape case filed against him by Deniece Cornejo. We can still recall what happened in Cornejo’s condominium unit when there was an alleged rape that took place that led into a greater discussion and investigation of the issue due to the fact that there was also mauling that took place that time.

The issue progressed that led to filing cases on both parties, Vhong Navarro’s and Denice and Cedric’s party. The issue has caused Filipinos, especially netizens to show their reaction on the issue. This has also led to cyber bullying of Deniece Cornejo, as what she claimed about.

DOJ Junked Rape Cases Filed Against Vhong Navarro by Deniece Cornejo

The Thursday edition of It’s Showtime is not an ordinary moment for Vhong Navarro as he expressed his heartfelt thanks to those who supported him during the dark times.  He expressed his gratitude to God, family, friends and colleagues for being there always while the case was still progressing. He also stressed the idea that he is thankful enough for the second chances that everyone has given him and he promised that he will do his best in order not to put any blemish on his personality caused by crimes.

Vhong Navarro cried and there were also tears coming from the fans who were listening that time while he was giving his statement. The show has ended with a group hug coming from the cast.

It is a joyful day for Vhong Navarro as he has surpassed another trial in his life. Though the fight is not yet over, he has a reason to celebrate because things are getting according to him. With much gratitude on this issue, the netizen fans show their support to the actor. source

The fight is not yet over for Vhong and we will look forward to what will happen next in the days, weeks or months to come. Be updated on this case in our future post here.

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