April 2, 2014; The northern coast of Chile were struck by magnitude-8.2 earthquake resulted to Five people crushed to death or suffered fatal heart attacks. A mandatory evacuation were done until nearly dawn for coastal areas north of Antofogasta for Tsunami warnings and extended up to Pacific coast of Mexico through Central and South America., ordered by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii according to CBCNEWS.

President Michelle Bachelet said that the extent of damage from Tuesday night's earthquake couldn't be fully assessed before daybreak. The government reported that around 300 prisoners escaped from a jail in Iquique, said by Interior Minister Rodrigo Penailillo. As respond to this said prisoner scapes, President Bachelet declared a state of emergency in Iquique and further sent a 100 anti-riot police in a military plane to join 300 soldiers deployed to prevent looting and round up escaped prisoners.

Chile Earthquake 8.5 Extent of Damage

Chile is known as No. 1 copper producer in the world and luckily after 8.5 Magnitude earthquakes the key mining firms said there was no serious damage to their operations. Chile is also known as one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world because just off the coast.

This earthquake incident resulted to issuance of an advisory warning to Canadians "against non-essential travel to the entire coastline of Chile" by Canada's Foreign Affairs department.

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