Manila, Philippines – The accused (Cedric Lee and Simeon Raz) of allegedly mauling Vhong Navarro was arrested on April 26 in Dolores, Samar. According to a news that spread a few days ago, Cedric Lee was already a fugitive and the authorities are looking for his location because an arrest warrant was issued against him for the case serious illegal detention which is non-bailable.

The incident took place in Deniece Cornejo’s condo unit in Pasig wherein CCTV cameras show evidences of what happened inside the unit. Because of this Navarro charged Lee, his sister, Bernice, Cornejo, Raz, Guerrero and Calma.

Cedric Lee and Simeon Raz Arrested in Samar

While the case was ongoing procedures, the accused are not allowed to get out of the country that is why the authorities guarded all the possible exit points of the country but one of them is confirmed to have left the country and went abroad. His name is JP Calma.

Aside from this, there was also information that leaked about the plans of Lee and Cornejo to get out of the country by booking flights via Cebu Pacific and it was cancelled.

Simeon Raz is also one of the accused arrested  in Samar. Right now, this is just the details gathered about the nabbing of the accused in Navarro mauling

Keep reading this site for more information about the arrested fugitives in relation with Mauling of Vhong Navarro. We will be informing you soon. Be updated on this case in our future post here.

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