Manila, Philippines – “A better Bryan for the future,” this is the goal of “Biggest Loserwinner Bryan Castillo. He already has plans of living a kind of life that is better than what he has before the reality show. Truly, the show has taught him a lot of things and he is about to apply them in real life.

Bryan is 22 years old and during an interview, he confessed that he still could not believe on what he is seeing right now with regards to his weight because he lost more than a half of it.  He only expected to lose 100 pounds and aimed the kind of weight wherein he can move and carry his body easily in order for him to do the things that he wants to do like playing and running. He is still in the state of shock seeing himself now in front of the mirror. It is beyond his expectations.

A better Bryan for the future,” this is the goal of “Biggest Loser” winner Bryan Castillo

With a total of 52.56% which is nearly 2% higher than Kayen Lazaro who was the runner-up, he lost the highest percentage of weight of the four of them. This gave him the victory and allowed him to take home P1 million, a lifetime gym memebership from Gold’s Gym, Whirlpool appliances, P100,000 worth of Toby’s Sports sporting goods and a Fruitas Franchise.

One of the best things that Bryan has learned with “The Biggest Loser” is “discipline”, this is according to him. And he is now dedicated to pursue maintaining his body and would never revert back to his original weight. All he wanted was to make his family happy and proud of him and this is what he got.

Bryan Castillo even said that he is now standing in front of people facing front with confidence and without fear. He thanked his sister, for Ikya being with him all throughout the competition. Their team was called Magkapatid. His sister then said that Bryan is a different person now, before he was hardheaded by he is a better Bryan now. Bryan’s advice to his fellow Filipinos who wants to lose weight is keep pursuing what has been started and make it a lifestyle.

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