Manila, Philippines – A recent trip overseas is an indication that Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia, both It’s Showtime hosts are taking their relationship to the next level. This holy week, Vhong Navaroo with his two sons, Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia were in Japan for a vacation. There was already a rumor in the Philippines that Crawford and Garcia are already couple and they were seen skiing in Mt. Fuji and having fun at Tokyo’s DisneySea theme park. Evidence to such is the photos of the tow posted on Tuesday.

In Billy Crawford’s Instagram account he said "You really get to know a person when you travel with them. And I thank God for you @coleengarcia. Thank you, Lord, for the blessings, and for the amazing time given to us. #fujibustourthebest

Billy and Coleen’s Amazing Trip to Japan

Another follow-up of photos from Crawford contain “selfies” wth Coleen Garcia having the caption:"What a wonderful vacation. Great food, good company, lovely lady:), what more can I ask for? Nothin! Hate it or love it, it's what God gave me. And I am thankful. #japanforthewin" also posted in his Instagram account.

The photos went viral online and were celebrated by fans who have seen them. It garnered almost 25,000 likes and their love team is dubbed as “BiCol.”

"Fun fun trip with these fun people Ski day the other day! Loved it so much!!! So thrilling!  Thank you for being a patient teacher to a clumsy person @billyjoecrawford" this was Coleen’s post on her account grateful for the time spent with her by Billy and even teaching her how to ski.

Though there are already issues and hearsays going out regarding their status being couple, there was no confirmation from Billy. He admitted that he is courting Coleen and he also clarified the issue regarding his breakup with Nikki Gil stressing that Coleen is not the reason for the breakup.

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